Welcome to KAW Mousery!! I have been breeding award winnning fancy mice since 2001. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

This section has recently gone through a major makeover! I have decided break down my main page and divide all the information into sections. Please follow the links below to your desired destination! I hope this new format helps you to better find what you are looking for. And remember, all pictures are copyrite to KAW Mousery, do not steal them to use for ANY REASON! If you are in need of a picture, ask me first. Most, if not all the graffics found within these pages were made by myself. The icons below are of KAW Mice, past or present. Just click on the picture next to the destination link you would ike to visit.

KAW Mousery's Policies, Breeder Ethics, and Requirements
Mice Currently Living at KAW Mousery
KAW Mousery Gallery
Adopting From KAW Mousery - Requirements and Applications
Available Mice
Mouse Colors, Coat Types, and Patterns plus a bit of Genetics
Breeder Listings
Mouse Care Information Sheet

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